(1) Download Guidelines:

If you run into any software bugs, please report them by e-mail to or


Follow one of the link below according to your preferences:

download bridge-wizard V1.21.2 with NO options for Soil Simulation: 27 Mb

download bridge-wizard V1.21.2 with Soil Simulation (Components and MCR included) for 64bit : 201 Mb

download bridge-wizard V1.21.2 with Soil Simulation (Components and MCR included) for 32bit : 197 Mb

(2) Installation Guidelines:

step 1 : Unzip the downloaded compressed file and the save its content into your computer.

step 2 : run as Administrator and install ActiveTcl8. to the directory “C:\Program Files\Tcl” and NOT to the default directory C:\tcl.You only need to do this step once for a given PC. If you already have OpenSees up and running in your computer skip this step.

step 3 : run and install MCRInstaller.exe .

step 4 : run* setup.exe ( not Setup Bridge-Wizard.msi as you may miss the installation of any prequisite programs) While you run the setup DO NOT change the default directory (C:\Bridge-Wizard) of the installation.

* If  setup.exe fails to execute please install Net Framework 4.0 an proceed with Bridge-Wizard.msi.