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General Information

Bridge Wizard is a windows-based application developed in Microsoft® Visual Studio as a stand-alone platform for facilitating the performance of static, modal and (linear/nonlinear) response history analysis of bridges. The main program is written in Visual Basic 2010 and is essentially translating in real time the user decisions into a Tool Command Language (tcl/tk) script. It also processes analysis results for visual illustration purposes. The software concept is based in five main principles, namely:

(a) A wizard-like process flow, restricting the user from navigating freely through the software. The user is requested to answer a uni-directional sequence of logical, qualitative and quantitative questions in order to describe the structural configuration of the bridge. Depending on the user response and decisions, the set of questions is modified accordingly.

(b) Background automations that minimize the time required for pre-processing by calling internal element generators and completing missing data without the aid of the user .

(c) Expert suggestions at every step of the simulation process for selecting the most appropriate modeling approach for each bridge sub-component (pier, abutment, deck, foundation) and accurately defining the material or analysis parameters involved.

(d) State-of-the-art add-ons that call and execute external Matlab scripts in the background.

(e) An ad-hoc developed 3D visualization engine for reviewing the structural system while generating the FE model or assessing the analysis results.