Jul 31

Update version 1.21.2

You can now find bridge wizard 1.21.2  BETA  in the download section available in two different versions:

  •   classic version: including only general features.
  •   mcr version: including extra features supported by matlab runtime compiler.

. The update changes of the software can be seen in a list below or as a flow chart in the flow chart section.

Update includes:

Features included only in the mcr Bridge Wizard version:

  1. soil-structure interaction simulation through matlab components (you can find more information on the methods used for the simulation in the uploaded paper version).
  2. Capability of transformation of the excitation to the frequency domain and calculation of its predominant frequency.

    General Features:

  1. Bug correction on non prismatic span sections.
  2. Bug correction on output box of post processing results.
  3. a step by step message system during analysis.